Priscila Barros is a Southern California based stylist and creative director who has been the driving force behind the success of the kids fashion magazine Babiekins. After eleven years of creative directing, prop styling and wardrobe styling for Babiekins Magazine she is now expanding her expertise and eye in the children's market for other companies.

Priscila has been featured on countless websites and magazines like Vogue Brazil, Forbes, Mollie Makes, Mollie Makes Mama, CIFF Kids Magazine, Kidswear Magazine, WGSN, Cosmopolitan, CNN & more.

When Priscila is not creating props, planning lookbooks or working on an editorial shoot you can find her with her 3 little curly headed boys. Usually playing legos or eating ice cream.

Priscila recently bought a historical farmhouse in NW Arkansas and often juggles her time between Southern California and NWA. She can be found either creating beautiful sets, styling clothes for editorials or producing lookbooks for companies and planting gardens, milking her goats and canning honey with her boys. 

Her favorite time of the day is right before sunset -- where the sun touches down lightly on all the farm animals, plants and her sweet boys. Making a sunlit-halo through their bouncy curls as they run around catching caterpillars and frogs on her 13 acres.

Priscila is available for freelance styling, interior design, creative direction, photography and is willing to travel.

hey.pbarros@gmail.com / @mamaandthetribe


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